Life is Bittersweet 12-22-2012

Many of you know we moved back to Colorado this fall and we are so happy to be here in Lyons in our new pad. I’m excited to share with everyone some of the projects we’ve been working on very soon. One unexpected big project has been health related as I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition ealier this fall called Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism). One of the symptoms is bulging eyeballs which has been evident is my most recent looping video as well as the video above. I have been going about an alternative holistic apporach to healing and things are slowly getting better.

I found some great information at http:/// which has helped to educate me on this condition and come up with a holistic plan. Currently there is “no cure” for Graves and many other auto-immune diseases in our AMA influenced health care system. There have been many people who have cured themselves in a holistic manner but it seems to require a deep examination of possible causes that deal with stress, mental beliefs and emotional patterns as well lifestyle issues (diet, exercise etc). I am grateful for the gift in what this disease is teaching me. In that attitude lies the potential for healing IMHO ;-)

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